Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Changes of Direction (Intermediate/Advanced)

Song: Llueve Otra Vez by Carlos Di Sarli
Instructors: Homer & Cristina Ladas
September 20-22, 2013, TangoPulse Workshops in Northampton, MA

We began with a warm-up dance, doing as many alterations as possible and for the students who were present last night, to also do the two patterns from the prior night.

There are many types of alterations.

Maestros demo’d a pattern, using tension and release as still an ingredient.

The Leader walks outside partner in the close side of the embrace, the Leader leads the Follower to walk around him counterclockwise.

Sneak attack weight change
Left foot forward outside (trying to touch Follower’s inside right thigh)
Pivot counterclockwise
Right foot side. The embrace opens and the Leader needs to outstep the Follower to get behind her and get close enough to be close to her left hip.
Left foot back cross step – as he shifts, the weight goes from his left foot to his right foot.

Left foot back step
Right foot back step
Left foot front cross tuck
Left foot forward pasada over the Leader’s right foot
Right foot side to end up in front of the Leader
Left foot back step.

The Leader needs to turn his spine more on his turn to the left.

He needs to use the two feet on the floor and dig in to power his turn and his left to enable the Follower to get around him. The Follower needs to take long reaching steps around the Leader.

The quality we hope to achieve are refinement and precision.

The Leader’s lead needs to be clear enough so that he blocks the Follower’s A.O.R. (Automatic Ocho Reflex), which she might do instead of the doing her left foot front cross tuck.

The Leader’s side step to the Follower’s back step captures the moon, where the Leader is the earth. His chest should be up.

The variations instead of the Leader capturing the Follower’s back step are to capture her forward step. The Leader’s right leg side step sashay during the Follower’s right foot forward step to left foot back step.

Chapter 3:
Leader side step alteration.
An alternation is a change of direction around another axis of the earth around an orbiting idea.

Maestros concluded with a quiz and demo to diSarli’s Llueve Otra Vez.

Notes courtesy of Anne at http://scoutingtour.blogspot.com

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